The Value Shift process is for small business owners and organizational leaders who are too busy to get ahead of the game. They’re buried working “in” the business instead of “on” it. 

The Value Shift process covers: 

● A longer-term goal, beyond your day-to-day

● The challenges that prevent you from achieving it

● Assets and liabilities that you control

● Opportunities and threats beyond your control

● Solutions that can be used overcome your challenge

● Risks that heighten it

● The Value Shift that enables achievement to overcome your goal

● Positive and negative Sparks that make progress tangible

● How to enable achievement in 28 days

My promise is to provide a framework that turns your challenge into opportunity by enabling achievement. You will gain enough clarity and structure to make everything more manageable, actionable, and measurable. 

So, if you struggle with the pace of growth, always reacting to the tyranny of the urgent, customer acquisition, balancing quality and growth or being unsure what to do, then the Value Shift process is for you.  

Before you begin, please remember that overcoming challenge is hard. At the same time, every challenge is an opportunity to improve upon something that holds you back. So, use challenge to be helpful. Let it push and test you. Let it enable achievement.