It’s common for small business owners and organizational leaders to struggle to keep up with everything. 

The pace of life and business growth—keeping up with everything, managing cash flow, and putting everything ahead of yourself; being held hostage by the tyranny of the urgent—constant email, non-stop emergencies, always putting out fires, or reacting to unexpected surprises; the need for more—never having enough resources, staff, time, or cash; balancing it all—like kids, partners, family, friends, and work—, and being unsure where to start—let alone finding the time or space to think about it or make progress. These are all challenges we face, especially as small business owners and organizational leaders. 

You’re so busy that you have no choice but to work “in” the business instead “on” it. 

Whatever the case may be, your potential and your own fulfillment become compromised, because responding with survival tactics is easy and natural. 

I find myself in that spot today. After working hard to acquire new responsibilities and skills, including an MBA, I was laid off. I was shocked, grieved for the loss of that role, and full of fear and anxiety about what was next. The experience made me realize I needed to turn the challenge into opportunity, and I needed clarity and structure to get me back on track. 

That’s precisely why I launched STRE.ME and developed the Value Shift process. I did it in the first 90 days of this challenge and am here, using this an opportunity to enable achievement towards fulfilling my potential—to chase a dream of running my own business and to pursue the life that had always been out of reach. 

You can do it, too. When people follow these three steps (assess, position, and activate), they make the process of overcoming challenge more manageable, actionable, and measurable. They flourish. Whether you own a business, lead an organization, or are interested in personal development, you’ll be more focused, gain confidence, and create a clear competitive advantage, which gets you closer to fulfilling your potential. 

If you’re too busy to work on your business; you’re unable to find the energy or time to think, or to figure out how to simplify things and to work smarter instead of harder, then the Value Shift process is for you. Stop battling against the current of life’s activity and letting it consume you. Reposition yourself to go downstream with the natural flow by changing your focus.

Turn challenge into opportunity with STRE.ME by activating your Value Shift now.